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So, who is Katie Myrick really? My kids would tell you that their mama is crazy, loud and a hoot. My husband would tell you that I annoyingly excel at being a boss (especially when he’s my second shooter). My friends would tell you that what you get is what you see, no bones about it. What I will tell you, is that I love a good challenge (tell me I can’t and I will show you I can). And if you’re wanting a bit more details, here’s the specifics. Collectively, we are a large family of 7. I get the, “are they all yours?” question a lot. I married my 5th grade sweetheart and he can read my face better than anyone on the face of the planet. Emergency room nurse was once my title and now it’s professional photographer, business owner and homeschool mom extraordinaire. Now that you’ve got a better feel for who I am, click on the “Let’s chat” button below and let’s get to planning your session! 

We may meet for the first time for senior photos when you are graduating from high school. In a flash, you’ve finished college and are getting married. I want to capture your engagement and be there for every single second of your wedding. For the sake of true transparency, I will cry (happy tears, of course). And if that future includes babies, I will be by the phone waiting for the call of their arrival (and I will probably tear up again). The truth is, I pray for my people and thank God daily for the way I get to serve each one of you. 

"one blessed hot mess of a mama pouring reckless optimism into her bottomless cup of love and chaos"

I am not a generic portrait photographer, lining you up, snapping a couple shots, and then sending you some boring photos. If that’s what suits your fancy, I’m not your girl. This photography business of mine, Katie Myrick Photography, offers so much more than the click of a camera. When you step in front of my big clunky lens, you become a part of my life. And I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is to be chosen as your photographer. My dream and heart’s desire is to be there for you as your life changes, capturing consistently beautiful images that you can display in your home as cherished family heirlooms. 

-Expressive storyteller. 

-Obsessive list maker.

- Unapologetic hugger

-Jesus lover.

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