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Y’all know I love weddings! All the joy, the beautiful decor, sweet details, and of course, a beautiful girl in a pretty dress. Well, when one of my favorite wedding couples contacted me to capture their daughter’s first birthday, I got just as excited as I do about a wedding, and it turns out all the stuff I love about weddings was included, especially the beautiful girl in a pretty dress! 

When it comes to planning a party, personal touches are always the nicest! Beatriz’s mama, Bruna, made the birthday cake and all the Brazilian goodies! The whole table was covered with a bunch of different treats and candies and the cake in the middle was the perfect centerpiece! Everything was yummy. She sent me home with a box full of the goodies to share with my family and my kids were thrilled!

The room was perfectly set up for a little girl’s first birthday party with lovely pink and gold details. Everything looked so chic! I love the style of this party! There were little dolls, teddy bears, and brightly colored flowers and plants for a pop of color that complimented everything so well. It was clear that so much time and care had gone into making this party something that Beatriz will be able to look back on in photos and see how much she was celebrated! 

Beatriz was dressed in the most precious dress fit for the birthday girl! Her grandmother, Bruna’s mom, handmade the dress for her granddaughter. This little white dress with embroidered flowers is such a dream! Grandma was not able to be at the party. She lives in Brazil. Her presence was definitely felt in the room with all the love she put into that dress! The banner hanging above the windows behind the table was also handmade by her and matched the dress! I hope this dress gets tucked away and becomes a family heirloom that maybe Beatriz can dress her daughter in one day! 

Most importantly, I love that I was able to capture the sweet love between little Beatriz and her parents. They are such a kind, affectionate family. There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is a good feeling but it comes and goes. Joy is something so much more powerful. God puts joy inside our hearts and when we live in that joy, nothing can dim it. This family is joy filled. Their smiles aren’t put on for the camera. Their joy in being together was so contagious and I just kept clicking my camera and preserving it all. Thank you for letting me capture this special moment! Being witness to such love and joy is a great reminder of how God loves us all. 

If you want someone to capture your family just as you are, no weird poses that make you uncomfortable, just smiles, snuggles, and laughter, I’m your girl! Let’s chat about how I can help you preserve what your family looks like right now! Live in the moment and celebrate the love you have in your home!


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Beatriz is One! – Outer Banks Family Photographer




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