5 Tips for Your Couples Session from an Outer Banks Photographer

Taking photos of lovebirds is one of my favorite things to do. It is hard to find people happier than a couple in love! Before your couples session, here are my top 5 tips for your dream couples session!

1 – Be Yourselves 

You do not need to show up for a couples session ready to pretend you are models posing for a magazine. We aren’t trying to recreate photos you pinned on pinterest. My job is to take photos of you that beautifully show the joy in your hearts and the love between you. I need you to be your truest self. Be comfortable. If your man loves wearing a hat, let him wear his hat! Of course you don’t want to show up straight from work looking like a hot mess! But don’t stray so far from who you are as a couple when planning your session that you feel uncomfortable or awkward. Make sure you both feel amazing before you are in front of the camera!

2 –  Don’t Wait For a Special Occasion

If you are reading this and considering scheduling a professional photo session as a couple, do it! The fact that you are considering it tells me that you should. You do not need a special occasion to take photos with your other half. Don’t wait for an engagement session, wedding, or anniversary. Being in love is a special occasion!

3 – Trust Your Photographer

When you hire a photographer, hire someone you can trust. Trust is huge! Your photographer is going to give you a lot of direction during your couples session and if you don’t trust her, it will be kind of a challenge. I’m the kind of girl that wants your real smiles. I am not going to pose you awkwardly and I will NEVER ask you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. We will communicate plenty before your session so you know what to expect. When you arrive at our chosen location, you will be able to relax and enjoy the experience together as a couple knowing that I have everything else under control. In my years as a professional photographer I have seen it all and I promise you will have fun and end up with a gorgeous gallery of photos to cherish as a couple forever.

4 – Plan Your Outfits Ahead of Time Because Small Details Make a Big Difference

When I schedule a session with a couple I have some tips and tricks that I share to help you get ready. For example, one of my tips is that neon colors don’t work well in photos. You can work in patterns or bold colors, but neon is a no go! If you paint your nails, have them freshly painted. You don’t want chipped polish if I take a close up of your hands, like in an engagement photo.  If picking out your outfits for your session is stressing you out, let me know. I will definitely give you some advice and answer questions. Look at my blog posts of past sessions to see what looks you like or don’t like. Find inspiration online by searching for a color you want to build your look around or the type of style you love. Scroll instagram for outfits you love! Remember that my sessions are almost always outside so plan on getting a little dirty. You don’t need to jump in a mud puddle but your shoes or the bottom of a long dress might get messy. Those messy photos are some of my favorites though!

5 – Dance (and Smooch) Like No One is Watching

When you get in front of the camera for couples photos, don’t go getting shy all of a sudden! You did not choose me as your photographer to get pictures of you smiling nervously and looking right at me the whole time. I love photos with movement and real emotion. I want my couples to snuggle up and stare into each other’s eyes! Get ready to dance and twirl. If you’re nervous, laugh it off. Those laughs turn into gorgeous photos actually. You will have to do a lot of kissing. That might seem weird but trust me, you will love the photos.

Whether you have a session booked or you are considering a couples session now, I hope these tips help! If I sound like the kind of photographer you want to work with, let’s get you on the schedule and start planning! In the meantime enjoy these photos from an amazing couples session with Anne and Brandon.


5 Tips for Your Couples Session from an Outer Banks Photographer




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