Sometimes it’s just pure fate when you’re life crosses paths with others….and this is just one example of a time like that. I had just finished up photographing Shae and Jared’s before Prom┬ásession and was leaving our location when I saw two people leaning over a gentleman who was sitting on the ground. As I got closer, I could see that this man was covered in blood. I pulled over to see if I could help and quickly went to work on trying to control/stop the bleeding from his head. I’m a Emergency Room RN and had several packs of special guaze specifically made to help slow the bleeding in my car from a trauma conference I had attended in the past. It takes a good amount of blood to get me excited/worried and I was getting close to the excited/worried point when his wife arrived. While we were getting him in the vehicle, his sweet wife wrote down my name and then drove off quickly to get him to the ER. She found me on the internet and messaged me through my photography site asking if I was the girl who helped her husband. You see, I had thought about this man often since that day and wondered how he was doing and hoped for the best. In her email she talked about how he ended up being shipped to another higher level of care hospital due to bleeding and then was eventually discharged home and recovering well. She also asked if I would be willing to do family portraits of her grandchildren when they came down to vacation for the 4th of July. SO….Who is this gorgeous family below? It happens to be the son, daughter in law and grandchildren of that gentleman I helped. I am so very thankful for both photography and nursing…because without them both, I’d never have crossed paths with this awesome family. I guess you could say I’m one lucky girl because I get to do both things I love. Enjoy my favorites from their session below…..

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Gins Family–OBX–Northeastern NC Photographer




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