Join us for our 3rd Make it Click:Photography Shootout

Hosted by: Katie Myrick (Katie Myrick Photography) and Kelly Parnell (Photos by Kelly)

Date: June 4th 2016

Time: 12pm- 6pm

Location: Roanoke Rapids, NC

I was emailing a wonderful photographer last week and realized that our response (below) to her email was exactly the description we needed to use for the Make it Click: Photography Shootout. It described who we are and what we do in a nutshell.  

The Make it Click:Photography Shootout exposes you to four genres: Pre-Teen, High School Senior, Maternity and Lifestyle Family. Kelly and I both shoot and approach sessions entirely different than one another, we pose different, shoot different brands (I’m Nikon, she’s Canon), we edit different (I’m strictly Lightroom and she’s strictly PS)…so with all of those differences, you get to pick up bits and pieces from both of us. We are forever learning from each other and it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. We’ll show posing, directing, utilizing the light you have with each session. We both don’t shutup EVER when it comes to photography so just be prepared 🙂 Then in the classroom/chill time….We will go over any questions, talk marketing, finding target clients, workflow and anything else that our attendees want to talk about. Kelly and I are open books. Both self taught and both have finally zeroed in on our target market/clients… (which is pretty much the best dang feeling ever) but we’re still evolving and learning just like everybody else 🙂 

What is a Shootout?? A shootout provides hands on learning and is specifically geared towards shooting. Because let’s be honest…Hands on learning is THE best way to learn. Whether you are a professional photographer wanting to expand your portfolio, a photographer just starting out and in search of direction and guidance or a mom with a camera who just wants to take better pictures….You will walk away at the end of the day seeing photography in a whole new light and having made new friends. We will be discussing issues that effect both hobbyists and business owners. The ONLY requirement is that you have to know how to shoot Manual Mode.

Make it Click: Photography Shootout is unlike most shootouts. Make it Click is 6 hours long in duration…..with 2 hours dedicated classroom time and the remaining 4 dedicated to shooting. When you attend our shootout, you will get to photograph 4 separate genres! Seriously…..FOUR! Everything you photograph, you can use in your portfolio, for advertising purposes and on your website/blog. We simply ask that you do not sell the images or submit the shootout images for publication. We also ask that you give credit to any vendors AND sponsors associated with the shootout as well.

AND because we love you guys SO much….We want you to send us your top 4 pictures from the shootout and we will provide you with a constructive critique. Along with the image critique, you will receive access to a private Facebook group for continued growth and support in a safe, learning environment. Our Make it Click attendees seriously LOVE having the private group! 



During the Classroom time:

*How to effectively use Social Media

*Contracts and the Importance of them

*Client Interaction

*How to find YOUR target client

*Model Calls/Portfolio Building

*Workflow of session and post session(not editing)

*Specifics on gear and what to use when


During the Shootout:

*We will be shooting on outdoors and using natural light

*Learn tips and tricks on working in varying light conditions 

*Learn how to effectively give instruction to your clients on posing and how to get that true emotion from your clients.

*Small shooting groups to give you ample time during each session and lots of one on one instruction.

You will need to bring:

Your camera
Fully Charged Batteries
SD or CF memory cards
Lens (We highly recommend a lens with a low aperture)

We will provide:

Lunch and Snacks (So COME hungry!!)
Pen & Paper
AND lots of fun!

(images below: top 3 by Kelly, bottom 3 by Katie)


INVESTMENT: $400 (nonrefundable but is transferable)

For seat to be secure, Payment is due in full and Contract must be signed. No spots will be held.

To secure your spot,  email and link will be sent to you.

With that said, whether you come to our Shootout or not, please know that if you ever have a question…please reach out to Kelly and I 🙂 We love people, especially photographers, and truly try to do all that we can to help each photographer on their journey! 


Make it Click:Photography Shootout, Hosted by Nationally Published and Award Winning Photographers: Katie Myrick Photography & Photos by Kelly, North Carolina Photography Shootouts & Workshops




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