Meet Brett and Chelsea. 

Truth be known, I rarely work on the weekends. They are reserved for family time and shooting weddings. But there was just something in Brett’s first email that just pulled at my heartstrings and without a doubt made me wholeheartedly want to be a part of his well thought out plan to propose to the love of his life. He wrote, “I am in search of a photographer to capture the most exciting day of my life to date, the day I propose to the love of my life, Chelsea. We have a weekend planned on Ocracoke and I have been anxiously planning to propose to her there. Chelsea has been vacationing there since she was little with her family and it is her favorite place in the world. I myself have never been, but I can’t wait to explore it with her.” He then went on to explain in depth his plan of a picnic on the beach and pictures at all her favorite spots on the island. Chelsea’s dear friends even helped plan out the outfits that she would wear during their session and faithfully kept Brett’s plan a secret. (Girls…You did one heck of a job with the outfits!) 

The days leading up to the surprise proposal, we were keeping a watchful eye on the weather forecast as it was threatening scattered thunderstorms and gloomy weather. After emailing almost daily back and forth, we both agreed that if the weather didn’t look great, we would wing it, playing it minute by minute and planning the proposal time around whatever break in weather we were blessed with. Thankfully the day of, was THE most glorious day with fair weather and a beautiful sun drenched golden hour for the after portraits. It was truly meant to be. 

Brett marked the spot they would be at enjoying their picnic with a wooden stick stuck in the sand. Knowing what we were wearing and seeing us walk down by the edge of the water towards them, he guided his love down to the sea and dropped down to one knee. I swear to you, from all those yards away, we had goosebumps witnessing their love, joy and happiness all wrapped up in that one incredible moment. He was right, she did cry happy tears. The moments that unfolded after the proposal were spontaneously beautiful and lovely. If you are lucky enough to cross paths with someone who makes your heart skip a bit and makes you smile brighter and laugh harder than anyone you’ve ever met…you hold on to that person with every ounce of your body and soul. That’s what these two are. Without a doubt, they are soulmates. And that’s exactly what Brett did dropping to one knee. It’s safe to say, that these two will live their lives full of happiness, love and joy. 

Enjoy my favorites from their incredible day…..



Huge heartfelt thank you to Brett and Chelsea for allowing Robbie and I to be a part of your day. And special thanks to my sweet hubby for coming along and being my second shooter to capture the proposal from different angles 🙂 


Ocracoke, NC Surprise Proposal featuring the National Seashore and Ocracoke Lighthouse–Outer Banks Wedding Photographer–Katie Myrick Photography




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