This past weekend, we loaded up the truck and headed to South Mills, NC to do some strawberry pickin’ at the Williams Strawberry Farm. They had just opened the week before so the berries were beautiful, juicy and 🙂 My three had a ball running through the rows and filling up their buckets (well sort of filling up their buckets…..). You see, Hudson just wanted to play in the mud puddle at the end of a row, Stella had NO interest in having pictures taken (hence the whole head in the bucket picture 🙂 ) and Sophia really just wanted to go inside and eat ice cream (which is seriously the best…by the way….and homemade too). All in all…. I got THE shot I wanted (the one with all three of them together), enjoyed fabulous family time and walked away with 5 lbs of strawberries and bellies full to the brim with ice cream. Here are my favorites below…


Pickin’ Strawberries at The Williams Strawberry Farm–South Mills, NC– Eastern NC Lifestyle Family Photographer




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