So I’m fixing to let you in on a HUGE secret. One that will save you a TON of money when trying to dress to impress and sticking to a budget.

This website will CHANGE your life. 

Whether you are a High School Senior and are needing a gorgeous one of a kind PROM dress….

Or you are a Bride looking for something STELLAR for your Bridesmaids to wear…..

Or you are the Wife of a military man and you need to look SMOKIN hot for a ball…..

OR you are like Me and you wanted to have an OVER THE TOP dress for your family portraits….


So what is this website? It’s called RENT THE RUNWAY….

Each Dress below is currently on the Rent the Runway site….

Dress below: Pink Mermaid Dress/Nicole Miller: Rental-$90 <Retail:$420>

So how does it work?

There are literally thousands of dresses to choose from.

But what helps is that……They have a killer elimination process that can help you quickly narrow down the type of dress you’re looking for. So if you want a red flowy dress… in 2.2 seconds…you have 25 to pick from. 

The site gives you real reviews from real women along with pictures of them wearing the dress..I LOVE this! I’m such a visual person so seeing the dress worn by different body types and finding women who look about the same size as me…was a huge deciding factor in choosing a dress. (If you look…My review is up there 🙂 )

Dress below: Black High-Low/NHA KHANH: Rental-$140 <Retail: $890>

Once you decide on a dress…..

I totally recommend that you pick the option of having 2 sizes sent to you. That way you have a better chance of the perfect fit! The cost of this is mere pocket change…AND you even can choose to have a totally second back up dress sent to you too (for $32.50)

Then….I also recommend pay the few extra dollars (literally that’s all it is) for the insurance. This is just in case you pop some beads off or rip the bottom of the dress while dancing. One of the main things they say on their website is essentially….We want you to have a killer time in our dresses and not have to worry about a thing. I love that!

Dress below: Cinderella Dress/Allison Parris: Rental- $100 <Retail-$665>

Before the dress arrives…….

Make sure you are very meticulous on choosing the right time frame.

If the dress is for pictures…make sure you have a backup rain date the next day with the photographer.

They encourage you to have it arrive 1-2 days before your event.

And you can choose to rent it for 4 days or 8 days.

(I picked the 4 day timeframe)

Dress below: Gold/Badgley Mischka Dress: Rental: $80 <Retail: $850> (Dress worn for my family pictures)

When the dress arrives……

Wear that dress…ROCK THE HECK OUT OF IT…and have one heck of a good time with NO WORRIES…

It comes in this beautiful shipping bag WITH a prepaid return shipping label. They’ve truly made it super easy for you.

AND you don’t have to worry about having the dress dry cleaned….they handle that for you on return of the dress!

Dress below: Navy Blue Beaded Dress/Rebecca Taylor: Rental: $70 <Retail: $925>

Think about the ENDLESS possibilities….

If you want a dress that NOBODY else will have…and not have to pay $1000 buck to only wear it ONCE (because let’s be honest…you will ONLY wear it once)…then this is your best bet! 

Nobody has to know that you are “RENTING” the dress….unless you want to tell them. And if you’re like me… you want to shout it from the rooftops and tell all your girlfriends about it….. because it’s just so dag on cool!

Below are a few images from my family session, photographed by my extremely talented bestie and her husband of, Missy loves Jerry: Wedding Photography. The entire styling of this session was based around the beautiful gold dress. It was a dream session. Literally.

Sometimes when our budget doesn’t match our AMAZING taste….We are forced to think outside of the box…And this is most certainly the best resource to help you pull off your million dollar look! 

Here’s to happy shopping, keeping your money in you pocketbook and making heads turn 🙂 

If you found this blog post helpful….Share it with your girlfriends…family….brides 🙂 xoxo!


Secrets of A Broke Fashionista–How to look like a MILLION bucks for Prom, Formals & Weddings and not spend it–Katie Myrick Photography- Nationally Published & Featured Senior Photographer-NC & OBX Senior & Wedding Photographer




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