Meet The Keeter’s. This sweet family of three is made up of Gray, Kristen and little Seth. They are from my hometown of Roanoke Rapids, NC and we all grew up together. Being able to document my friends kids is by far one of the biggest perks of being a photographer 🙂 and it’s an even bigger perk when they trust my crazy ideas. I have seriously been eyeballing that old vintage bathtub ever since I saw it on the side of one of my father in law’s paths out on his land.  I seriously couldn’t get this tub out of my head and the image I wanted to capture (picture #6 below)…..I just needed the right client to come along to pitch my idea too (and that day Kristen called….it was fate!). The dag on thing weighs over 400 lbs, so the first time I tried to move it….it didn’t budge at all! (It took two strong men, a flatbed and a tractor to move that thing right where I wanted it) but is was SO worth the trouble! Seth is the perfect age (almost 2), he has this wonder and excitement for the world around him, and not to mention….He is THE happiest baby. He had a blast in his diaper and being covered in bubble soap…..So much so, that he didn’t want to get out of that tub! I hope you enjoy my favorites from their session below……


If you’d like to schedule a session, Click the “Contact” button up above and shoot me an email! I’d love to hear from you and get you in front of my camera!….xoxo

(I will be coming to Roanoke Rapids & Littleton, NC in mid November and will be offering several sessions)


Seth– Littleton, NC– Eastern NC Family Photographer




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