Once in a while, you need a serious “Come to Jesus” moment. And when that moment comes, you better take notice.

Sitting at my computer and reflecting on a YEARS worth of images….

I had THAT moment.

…and THIS is why…

35,543 images taken in 2014

500 ish images taken of MY own family

60 images taken that I was actually present in (and 60 is a very generous number)

I sat at my computer, put my head down and cried.

You see, the numbers, they don’t lie.

Here I was, just clicking away, documenting everybody else’s beautiful moments…..

AND not taking the time or energy to document my OWN.

After the pity party was over… and the more I thought about it… the more PISSED off I became.

The number ONE reason I picked up the camera in the first place was to document my kids.

And I wasn’t doing that.

To put the icing on the cake (so to speak)….My children were going to have NOTHING but memories to remember me by.

And let’s face it. Memories fade.

They deserve to have TANGIBLE PROOF.

Visual tidbits to jog their memory when they are old and gray….Long after I’m gone.

So…. My “Come to Jesus” moment.

It’s lit a fire under my behind.

ARMED with my D700, a tripod, 10 second timer and a SERIOUS fire in my soul…..

I’m going to capture MY moments.

Who gives a “dag on” if the house is messy?

I used to. I used to let that deter me from pulling out my camera.


Thirty years from now….A messy house will not be the first thing they notice.

They will relive the moment of love, laughter and joy.

AND if they do notice the messy house….My hope is that it’ll make them feel better about their own messy one.

My hope…is that after reading this…You are inspired to get IN FRONT of the camera.

Don’t wait until your 30 pounds lighter….

Don’t wait until your house is clean…..

Don’t wait until you have your makeup on…..

While you are WAITING for the perfect moment… YOUR moments will pass you by.

Don’t let them.

Because we all know that….

Life is MESSY.

Real life is crazy…beautiful…chaos.


and while you’re doing that… tag me in your images

 use this hashtag …..





The Documented Photographer–Seizing MY Moments one click at a time–(self portraits)–Elizabeth City, NC–Eastern NC Lifestyle Family Photographer




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