The 2016 KMP Senior Model Crew absolutely ROCKED this bohemian styled lifestyle shoot! They sang, laughed like crazy and danced like no one was watching. Embracing the story… that is now their own. These girls…..they are from different schools, cities and backgrounds and some even live as far away as 3 hours from one another. But they will be forever bonded. Here is their story below… in black and white.

If there ever was a shoot where you could take a glimpse right into my soul…THIS would be the shoot. 

Full of free spirits, movement, raw emotion and undeniable connections.

The theme: Traveling Gypsy 

Models: 2016 KMP Senior Model Crew

Clothing: Honey & Hive Boutique

Jewelry: Be Fair & Bloom

Hair: Alex James at True Images Salon and Bridget Jernigan-Gregory

Makeup: Crystal Colson at Merle Norman of Elizabeth City

Location and Setup: Craft Air Services

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THE IMAGE BELOW won in Black & White Category for Senior Style Guide’s HOT 100 out of 6,315 images submitted. Being named one of the HOT 100 was a pipe dream/bucket list type of goal and I am SO stoked to have won with an image that it so dear to my heart and true to my artistic voice. The Hot 100 magazine is available for purchase here.


So if you are a current JUNIOR….who is active in your community and school….have a sweet heart and a clean social media (yes…I check to make sure you don’t have inappropriate images on your social medias)….and want to be a part of a KILLER FUN model crew….then keep your eyeballs peeled for the applications.

Must have parental consent to apply. 


Traveling Gypsy 2016 KMP Senior Model Crew Styled Shoot–Senior Style Guide HOT 100 Image Winner–Katie Myrick Photography–Northeastern NC Senior Photographer




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