It’s always a joy to photograph another fellow photographer, especially when we’ve been online friends and followers of each others work over the past few years. They say that social media sometimes does not allow you a glimpse into the real person but it does when that person is absolutely as genuine online as she is in person. She’s an absolute delightful woman and incredibly talented. Meet Abby Hudson of Abby Hudson Photography based out of Virginia.

When vacationing families come to the Outer Banks and want to have OBX family photos done, it’s often easiest on the family if I just meet them at their rental cottage. This is especially the case if it’s on the beach or within close walking distance and they have little children. Being close to their cottage allows for a potty break if needed, a snack grab or to send the hubby home to get a towel.


Using a variety of different lenses during your session allows to me to snag different angles and perspectives. There is nothing sweeter than sandy baby toes, snuggling shots and frolicking through the water. I shoot with two cameras the entire time with a wide angle lens on one and a portrait lens on the other.

During your family portrait session, we get all kinds of different combinations. It’s so important to be able to get pictures of Mom with all of her children individually, Mom with all her kids together and the same combos with Dad. This is great if one kid needs a small break for whatever reason. As a Mom of 5 kids, I fully understand how to flow and improvise as needed and keep the session flowing while not wasting valuable time.

And while it’s usually a family shoot focused on all the kiddos, I love to pull aside the Mom and Dad for some sweet shots. Abby’s husband understood the assignment and had no problem loving up on his beautiful wife! They were so precious!

If it all possible, I love to get my families in the water. It never fails in eliciting the most joyful expressions on the kids faces (and even the parents). This is why it’s super great if your Outer Banks cottage is within walking distance to the session and also a great reason why I ask that parents bring a towel.

Thank you so much to the Hudson family for trusting me to photograph your beautiful vacation and I hope you treasure your OBX family photos. It was so wonderful meeting you, Abby! Please come back soon!

I know a lot of y’all have your summer vacations planned already so let’s go ahead and get you on my 2022 summer schedule before it fills up!


The Hudsons – OBX Family Photos Nags Head, NC




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