Here’s the deal. 

I’m going to be REAL with you.

I could type a freakin’ book of ALL the reasons you should book a mentoring session….

But I’m not going to do that. 

If you’re looking on this page…. That tells me you are serious about learning.

You are serious about investing your money back into YOU… to better your business and REACH your photography goals/dreams. 

And… that realization… is a freakin’ amazing one to have. 

So what do I have to offer YOU?

One on One Mentoring complete with sit down coffee/tea chats AND shooting.

No Mentoring Session is going to be the same as the next.

Your needs are NOT the same needs as your photog bestie….So WHY on earth would your mentoring session be?

You will receive an IN DEPTH questionnaire prior to the planning of your mentoring session.

From there…. I will tailor make your mentoring session for YOU. 

You and I will be together for 4 hours.

2 hours of talking….addressing YOUR specific needs/wants/goals and making a game plan

followed by…. (my freakin’ favorite part)

2 hours of SHOOTING the genre of your choice

Need direction on posing and how to GIVE direction to clients? No prob!

Need guidance on shooting in FULL sun, open shade, shadows? Yep….Let’s do it.

Want to add a new genre to your portfolio? Here’s your chance to get spectacular images…..

AND…It doesn’t just stop after the 4 hours are up (because let’s face it…by then we’ll be friends)

You will receive a 10 image critique and 2 weeks of emailing for any additional questions and follow up. 

So….. Let’s do this. 

I want to help you see your TRUE potential 


take part in making your photography journey a fabulous one…..

Are you READY? 

If you are interested in attending Make it Click: Photography Shootouts hosted by Katie Myrick Photography and Photos by Kelly, click HERE!

Our next Shootout is July 25th, 2015. Location: Eastern NC (To be Announced)

Katie Myrick Photography has been featured on national photography websites such as Lemonade and Lenses, Seniorologie, Modern Teen Style, Senior Style Guide, has been published in the national magazine Denim and Grace (THREE TIMES) and was just awarded the “People’s Choice” Senior Photography Award by Seniorologie. She specializes in high school seniors and lifestyle kid/family sessions. 


In Person Mentoring Sessions with Katie Myrick Photography–Elizabeth City, NC–Eastern NC Photographer




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