On March 7th, TEN women came together from all over NC and VA to take part in the first Make it Click: Photography Shootout. 

We drank sweet tea, stuffed our faces with homemade mac and cheese and bonded.

We came together NOT as competition but as a GROUP of women who SHARED the same artistic type soul and LOVE for photography….


Make it Click:Photography Shootout consisted of shooting 4 different sessions (Senior Glam, Stylized Child Model, Lifestyle Family and Lifestyle Kid) for a total of 4 hours of shooting and 2 hours of classroom time. It was super important to Kelly and I that we were offering a wide variety of shoots AND a wide variety of lighting situations (shooting indoors and in FULL sun).  We provided hands on learning, one on one instruction, and small shooting groups to make sure that each attendee felt comfortable asking questions.  

Below are the images from our AMAZING attendees……

 Their words and images speak volumes ….

And it just doesn’t get any better than that…

“Spending the day with Kelly, Katie and other amazing photographers was a dream come true. The whole spirit of the day was empowering! Hands on learning at it’s best and I can’t wait to do it again. I found angles I never thought I’d see, jumped lighting hurdles I had always run from and came away proud of my work and with a new group of friends!”

-Kamaron Goodrich of Kam Goodrich Photography 

Jessica Winslow Chappell Photography 

“The experience was one you could not put a price tag on!! I learned so much in that one day!! I found things out about myself that I didn’t realize (ex. I am a camera tilter ) it also fired up the passion of photography for me and where I want to see myself, my pictures, and my goals!! Kelly and Katie were amazing! They were so laid back and easy to talk to and gave CC with a smile and “it’s an ok attitude” like we had all been there before and you are not alone! You came in and left like they had been your best friends forever! Every detail was mapped out and so cute from the decorations, to the food! Everything was just incredible! I have been bragging about this experience non stop! I recommend it to everyone whether your a business person or just a hobbyist…. you absolutely will NOT regret meeting these girls and becoming part of this experience!!!! Thank you so much Kelly and Katie!!! I hope you realize how truly awesome you guys are!!! And the Mac & cheese was the bomb “
 – Vera Sanders 

Expressions by Erica — Erica Oakley

Ashley Hash Photography — Ashley Hash 

” The Make it Click Shootout is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only did I have a fabulous time discovering new genres, learning how to see a scene in different perspectives while being shown how to capture the moments successfully, but I have come away with an army of women behind me who share my passion for photography and are willing to share information and ideas to help me grow. Throughout the day and via the private group facebook page and other social media, Kelly and Katie culture an atmosphere where they give freely of themselves and encourage others to do so as well. As a result, in the days since the Shootout, I have continued to learn and to feel supported in my photography journey. I have long been a fan of Kelly and Katie’s work, but now know they are not only talented photographers but gifted teachers. Would I do it again? I definitely will.”

Unforgettable Images by LyMarie Portela Jackson

“The Make it Click Shootout was such a fun experience! I loved being able to spend the day with fellow photographers and learning from everyone! I truly love that we were able to build relationships and are now able to feed off of each other and help one another out thanks to this experience. The shoots we were able to capture and images we were able to add to our portfolios were awesome! Katie and Kelly did a great job and I am so excited they have decided to take on this journey in helping other photographers learn! If you are looking to expand your portfolio, learn about different styles of shooting, or even spend a fun day hanging out with a great group of photographers/teachers then you should totally sign up for one!”

Lauren Bright Photography— Lauren Bright 

Patina Photography— Sarah Krepp

“I was really nervous about coming to the workshop and being around other photographers, since I have only been doing this for 6 months, but everyone was great! Katie and Kelly, you girls were amazing and so down to earth! I could tell you both really cared and loved what you do! I am looking forward to coming to the next shootout as well as doing one-on-one mentoring with the both of them!”

Melissa Neck Photography— Melissa Neck 

And a HUGE thank you to everybody who helped make our day possible!

Tommy Myrick for letting us take over his entire house and property

Lois White, Sophia White and Renee Jordan for helping with the flow of the day and with the food.

Kimi Mills for documenting all the BTS shots on social media (You can see the day by searching #makeitclickphotographyshootout on Instagram)

Models: Somer Love, The Long Family, The Allsbrook Family, Hudson, Paisley and Nadia

Hair/Makeup for Somer: Sarah Daughtry

Hair/Makeup for Nadia: Shareen Ferrell 

Flowers: Exquisite Occasions 

And here is a little BTS look at what went on…..

By the end of the day…We knew these women.

Not just by their name….BUT by their goals and dreams….

It was a TRUE blessing to be able to witness their growth over the course of the day…

AND continue to witness it through our private facebook Make it Click group…. 

We love you all and are SO very thankful to be a part of your photography journey! 

xoxo….. Katie and Kelly

The next Make it Click: Photography Shootout will be held on July 25th 2015. Location: TBA (Eastern NC location)

Follow The Make it Click: Photography Shootout and Workshops on Facebook for the most up to date information! 

Investment: $400 


Make it Click: Photography Shootout with Katie Myrick Photography and Photos by Kelly–North Carolina Photography Workshop–Littleton, NC–Eastern NC Photographer




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