Maddie & West- Post-Wedding Photo Session – Edenton, NC

We all learned a lot during 2020. Things got kinda weird, y’all. I remember shooting a bridal session the week before the world began shutting down and really had no clue how much would change in the near future. Praise God for bringing us through. That time was hard on small businesses like mine. So many weddings were rescheduled or changed from large events to small ceremonies to keep everyone safe. We all got creative and a lot more flexible! I had some newlyweds book post-wedding photo sessions with me after their small ceremonies and I loved this so much! 

In a post pandemic world, I think more brides and grooms should book a post-wedding photo session. My first post-wedding photo session like this was with a sweet couple named Maddie and West. I did not take photos of their wedding ceremony but we met up in the fall for wedding portraits, just the two of them. If you got married in 2020 and didn’t get the photos you dreamed of, I want to encourage you to book a portrait session to get some gorgeous images together in your wedding attire. Let’s chat and get you on my calendar ASAP.

While you wait for your session, here are my tips for making the most out of a couples portrait session after the wedding…

Recreate Your Favorite Details

Since you are taking these photos after your wedding day, don’t forget to bring along anything that was special from your day. I say you should absolutely get your florist to make you another bouquet and boutonniere just like you used in your wedding! Maddie and West brought those two details along as well as some other little details that were meaningful to their wedding. If you had a special hairstyle, makeup or even manicure color, why not recreate those as well? You get to look exactly the way you want to look in your post-wedding photo session so make the most of it!

Choose Your Dream Location 

When you book a bride and groom portraits separate from your wedding day, you can choose any location you want! Pick a place that is special to you or reflects your style as a couple. Locations with a lot of variety make for great photo sessions. This couple chose farm photos with a pickup truck surrounded by beautiful sage fields in Edenton, NC. The colors and textures of the natural beauty that was all around us, the red barn, the farm equipment, and the ability to drive around on the truck gave them so many fun options for posing and backgrounds for photos. 

Get Crazy and Creative! 

Have a crazy idea? Let’s hear it. I’m all the time saying, “I know this will sound crazy, but just trust me…..”. The request to have Maddie climb up on the side of the silo and have West down below was totally their idea and it turned out to be a perfect picture. Her riding on the tailgate of the pickup truck with her hubby driving her to the next spot on the farm wasn’t the typical bride/groom picture but it is SO them and one of my favorite photos from this session. I love how her bouquet is laid up on the toolbox and she is happy as can be sitting back there! You don’t need to pose like you are standing on the steps outside a church, smiling straight at the camera for wedding portraits. Live it up and be your truest selves! The most authentic you can be, the more you will love your photos.  

Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty! 

While we’ll do the absolute best to take precautions, having the freedom to lay in the grass (since you’ve already worn the dress) will give you total variety and unique images that you wouldn’t necessarily get on your wedding day. Let’s stomp through a field, climb a ladder, and just go on an adventure to capture the most amazing photos of you two just as you are, right now, at the beginning of your life as husband and wife. The stress that can accompany a wedding day has past so relax for these photos! 



Maddie & West- Post-Wedding Photo Session – Edenton, NC




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