Bradley & Savannah- Roanoke Rapids NC Engagement Session

Today I am super excited to show y’all the engagement photos of Savannah and Bradley! This session is extra special because the groom to be here is my brother in law. They just got married a few weeks ago at Lake Gaston. Check out a sneak peak of their wedding day here. I will share more on my blog later! 

Bradley, Savannah, and I went to this dreamy location for their Roanoke Rapids, NC engagement session. I can work with any location but when I get to take photos in front of an actual waterfall, that’s a great day! This special place is actually on some private property owned by friends. 



Professional Photographer tip: If you are ever with a photographer wandering onto property that isn’t clearly open to the public, ask! A photographer should never take you somewhere you don’t belong. If you ever feel unsafe with a location or place you are asked to pose, don’t do it! Never pose on railroad tracks. That’s incredibly dangerous and trespassing as well!

For more of my insights on choosing a photographer, check out my post “6 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer Before You Book Them.”



It was rainy and super foggy during this session. Coincidentally, it ended up raining on their wedding day too. We just worked with the weather God gave us and the photos do not disappoint. I love the fog over the water. They look like they’re in a scene from a romantic movie. Savannah and Bradley are perfectly matched and their love shows so sweetly in every image. We had such a sweet time wandering around this beautiful location. We used all the natural scenery and then stopped for photos near the brick dam for that rad texture and color of the old bricks. After that we climbed up to use the waterfall as a backdrop for some photos of them snuggled up and smooching! The dock over the water was where we ended their session. 



You might be wondering how I kept my equipment safe shooting in the rain and mist. That was a sight to see! I wear a holdfast camera harness that goes over my shoulders. I borrowed Bradley’s belt and tucked an umbrella between my harness and the belt on my back. It was pretty funny looking but it worked. I do lots of weird stuff during sessions and weddings to get the shots I want! Nothing stops me!


Thank you to Savannah and Bradley for trusting me with your engagement and wedding photos. We worked with the weather and celebrated the love you two have for each other. Every day isn’t perfect but when you are in love, every day is a day to rejoice.


Bradley & Savannah- Roanoke Rapids NC Engagement Session




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