Abby – Outer Banks Senior Portraits

As a professional photographer, I have people reach out to me for photos for all kinds of reasons and I love them all. Do you want to update your walls with new couples photos? Awesome! Are you dreaming of sending out the absolute best Christmas card ever this year and need family pictures for that? I can make that happen. Does your child have important milestone happening in her life? Please send me a message. Milestone photos become family treasures and I feel called to walk alongside my clients in these special times to ensure that they get the images that they’ve dreamed of. Whether you are celebrating a child’s first birthday or wondering how your baby is already a senior in high school ready to graduate, I want to deliver consistently gorgeous photos that are true to who your child is in this moment. 

Meet Abby! I had the pleasure of working with Abby for a two hour session for her Outer Banks senior portraits. We met on the beach in one of my favorite spots and I could not quit smiling and laughing as she played with her precious puppy, Millie. Life doesn’t get much sweeter than your toes in the sand, snuggling up with a fluffy puppy dog on a sunny day! 


Abby’s wardrobe choices were just lovely! All four of her outfits looked amazing. I do encourage my seniors to use a professional for hair and makeup. You don’t have to get all dolled up to the point that you don’t look like yourself. With the right professionals, you will look like your best self with just a little extra sparkle. For Abby’s session, she got her makeup done with my favorite artist, Crystal Colson at Merle Norman and her hair was done by Alex Brickhouse. Abby looked GORGEOUS because Abby is GORGEOUS. Her makeup just highlighted the beauty she already has inside and out.



Because this was an extended session, Abby and I were able to go to multiple locations that were all still pretty close to one another. My favorite location was her family cottage. This perfect little teal beach cottage is unreal! My love for the color turquoise is deep and if you know me at all, you know I have a big place in my heart for the Outer Banks as well. Abby’s outfit matched the cottage! I was so in my happy place taking these photos with Abby. 



If I tell you to try and splash me, do it! If you want a super serious, quiet photographer who will just line you up and snap a few shots of you smiling, I am not your girl and that’s ok. If you want fun pictures full of movement and genuine smiles and laughs, then you’ve come to the right place. Abby and I had a lot of fun in our time together and for me, fun = gorgeous photos. God rejoices in our happiness and celebration! Twirl that dress you so carefully chose for this session! I like to pick up on little details that show the real you.



I hope Abby and her family will be able to cherish these happy photos forever. Just as they will look back on her first birthday photos, they can look back on her as a senior and remember her just as she was, smiling and full of joy. 



Abby – Outer Banks Senior Portraits




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