The Golden Hour? What’s all this hype about? A few years ago, when I was diving head first into learning any and everything photography related, I kept running across the phrase “The Golden Hour”. It sounded absolutely magical and mystical and I couldn’t wait to shoot during this golden hour. Only…I wasn’t exactly sure WHEN […]


The Golden Hour–What it is and Why is ROCKS–NC Photography Mentor–Nationally Published & Featured NC Photographer–OBX & Elizabeth City, NC Photographer–Katie Myrick Photography


Date: July 25th 2015 Time: 1pm-7 pm  Location: Private Lakeside Residence on Lake Gaston, NC  What is a Shootout?? A shootout provides hands on learning and is specifically geared towards shooting. Because let’s be honest…Hands on learning is THE best way to learn. Whether you are a professional photographer wanting to expand your portfolio, a photographer just starting […]


July 25th 2015 Make it Click: Photography Shootout–Hosted by Katie Myrick Photography and Photos by Kelly–NC Photography Shootouts and Workshops–Eastern NC Photographer


Here’s the deal.  I’m going to be REAL with you. I could type a freakin’ book of ALL the reasons you should book a mentoring session…. But I’m not going to do that.  If you’re looking on this page…. That tells me you are serious about learning. You are serious about investing your money back […]


In Person Mentoring Sessions with Katie Myrick Photography–Elizabeth City, NC–Eastern NC Photographer

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