OUTSIDE is definitely not the NORMAL place you’d think of when you plan to get into your wedding dress. Your first instinct may be, NO WAY. Typical responses are, will people see me? You want the Bride to go outside to get dressed? Of course, getting ready outside is not the option for everyone (especially in inclement weather OR if the room is spectacular), but the keeping of an open mind to the potential of getting ready outside will always be a beautiful thing. Taking your “getting ready” photos outside is one of my favorite wedding photo tips. It just makes a huge difference in the overall look of your wedding photos!  I’ve been blessed as an Elizabeth City, NC Wedding Photographer with Brides who go with my on the fly requests on the wedding day to get ready outside. It doesn’t work for every situation BUT when I’m able, I’ll pick outdoors all day long.

Here are 5  Reasons the Bride Should Get Ready Outside


You want beautiful wedding photos where you are the focus, right? Normally, in the room where the bride and bridal party are getting ready, there is clutter everywhere. Bags, clothes, undies, trash, water bottles, food, etc on every surface.  Let’s face it, when you get a lot of people together in a little room, with ALL their stuff to get ready, it presents a problem. Moving outside, gets rid of the distraction of clutter.


Squeezing 10 people into a small space (with all their stuff) can also present a problem. It is not easy to pose with all your bridesmaids in a little Sunday school room at your church. When you go outside, you have unlimited space. You’re able to move around more freely. Everyone can get in the photos together!


I cannot tell you how many times I arrive to take photos of my bride getting ready and she is in a room so dark it could be a cave. Those bright and beautiful images you are dreaming of require natural light. We need the sunshine! Florescent lighting is the worst!  The light outside trumps lights turned on in a room all day long. All of the images below were shot in the middle of the day, some in the shade of trees and some in open light. If it does rain on your wedding day, I have what I need to take gorgeous photos inside but nothing beats the sunlight that God gave us!


Often times, I do the bride and groom getting ready at the same location (at separate times, of course). This helps with the cohesive look of your wedding gallery.


Here’s the kicker, I’m not actually asking you to get dressed outside. At the point you arrive outside, you are already in your dress with none of the goods exposed. Yes, there will be a “zipping or buttoning” of the dress shot and yes you will put all your jewelry and shoes on while outside but it’s more of a going through the motions. By putting the finishing touches together outside, I can direct each moment and capture it all for your wedding gallery.

Helpful tip: IF you are concerned that your Groom or Groomsmen might catch a glimpse, having open communication with the groom/groomsmen is key. A simple, “don’t look outside or go outside for the next 20 minutes OR until someone gives you the okay” is sufficient. Having a point of contact helps tremendously with this.

Trust Me!

Bottom line, I can and will shoot the getting ready portion anywhere. If you prefer to do the getting ready portion inside, I honor your request and will shoot my heart out for you. My job is to make your day beautiful, assist and guide you through the process, use critical thinking skills to get the best and most beautiful photos. I LOVE what I do and I love sharing my wedding photo tips with my brides.  I’m so thankful for trusting Brides.



Wedding Photo Tips – 5 Reasons the Bride Should Get Ready Outside




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