Last year, I came to the hard realization that I wasn’t present in hardly any photos with my kids. It broke my heart, made me cry, made me mad and then lit a fire under my behind to take action. Here I was, this professional photographer, capturing these perfect moments for complete strangers and not […]


The Documented Photographer–Tips & Tricks for Taking Self Portraits–2015 in Review– Self Portrait Series–NC & OBX Photographer–Katie Myrick Photography


I’m going to be REAL with you. Technology and Social Media Addiction is a real thing…an ugly thing. and I struggle with this on a daily basis. Not only just me but my children. They struggle with wanting to play on their iPads and I struggle with wanting to constantly check social media.  I can’t […]


Taking Control and Unplugging my Social Media Addiction–Elizabeth City, NC– Eastern NC Photographer


TWO YEARS. I’ve spent the last two years learning how to NOT miss the focus while shooting. A blurry picture when done on purpose for artistic reasons is one thing…. BUT a blurry picture when YOU screwed it up on accident… is totally different and often times disheartening. I can’t even tell you the number […]


The Documented Photographer–Missing the focus in life and pictures–Self Portraits–Elizabeth City, NC–Eastern NC Photographer


Once in a while, you need a serious “Come to Jesus” moment. And when that moment comes, you better take notice. Sitting at my computer and reflecting on a YEARS worth of images…. I had THAT moment. …and THIS is why… 35,543 images taken in 2014 500 ish images taken of MY own family 60 images […]


The Documented Photographer–Seizing MY Moments one click at a time–(self portraits)–Elizabeth City, NC–Eastern NC Lifestyle Family Photographer

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